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What We’re Looking For

We are looking for events that are aimed at early-stage founders.

Specifically, we are looking for events that we can provide value to. Please book a time slot via our event form so that we can make sure we are the right fit for your session and which of our speakers is the best fit.

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We are currently speaking about the following topics in german or english:

From Idea to Market in 90 Days

Learn actionable strategies and a clear process that gets any idea launched as a startup with paying customers.

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How to Build a Software Product in 30 Days

Learn practical tips on how to build your first product in a few days or weeks rather than spending 6+ months on it.

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The Sustainable Founder’s Mindset

Practically applicable tips on how to change your mindset to make your startup radically faster, more successful and risk-free at the same time.

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Self-Running Impact Startups

After this session you will be able to build a company that runs by itself, without the need of your constant oversight.

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For those topics, we have different serial founders available, who have already founded several successful startups and are working with our founders on a daily basis to realize business models.



Impact Startups, Ideation & MVP Development
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Our Book

We created our first book of the FounderBooks series, which deals with the journey from an idea to an MVP.

We are happy to send you a free copy. Just book a time slot with us!

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To the Podcast

Frederick Lüders, CEO Partizi

“Lasse sees the world in fascinatingly simple terms, really understanding what matters most & more importantly what doesnt!

Everything becomes so simple. Its almost shocking.”

Business Talk

Produkte nah am Kunden Entwickeln, NaT Initiative

Project Together, InnovatorsTalk

“Ich bin ziemlich geflasht wie kurz aber gross der input-impact war! Freue mich drauf es auf mein Vorhaben anzuwenden!”

Tech/Business Talk

EuroPython, Rimini

CEO, Millionways

“If we had learned all this ourselves, it would have taken us 4-6 months in the best case and it would have cost us a five-figure sum.”

Speaker Info Kit

You can find additional information in our Speaker Info Kit.

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Let’s Talk

If you think we can enrich your event, book a time slot with us here. We will find out together if we are a good fit for each other.

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