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Founder Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Lasse Schuirmann is a serial entrepreneur who is launching 1-3 startups every month with his startup accelerator program FounderBlocks. When he’s not helping out other founders, he is working on own startups together with select founders, like Hofly, ProjectForum or Winken, and is working to leaving the world a better place than he found it.

Combining the simplicity with his practical approach allows him to provide founders not only with emotional stories but also with practical and simple steps and ideas that help directly implement the strategies he’s worked out over 50+ startups.

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Signature Programs

Lasse is conducting keynotes, workshops, seminars or trainings in german or english:

Having talked at many accelerators and conferences and worked with founders from all around the world, Lasse has gained a reputation of simplifying the most complicated problems (be it business models or code) into simple and nice solutions that can be launched in far less time than originally planned for.

In 90 Tagen von der Idee an den Markt

Lerne konkrete Strategien und einen klaren Prozess, der Ideen zu einem Startup mit zahlenden Kunden macht.

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Softwareprodukte in 30 Tagen entwickeln

Praktische Tipps, wie du dein erstes Produkt in ein paar Tagen oder Wochen bauen kannst, anstatt 6+ Monate dafür zu brauchen.

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Nachhaltiges Gründermindset

Praktisch anwendbare Tipps, wie du dein Mindset ändern kannst, um dein Startup radikal schneller, erfolgreicher und gleichzeitig risikofreier zu machen.

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Gründerunabhängige Impact Startups

Nach dieser Session wirst du in der Lage sein, ein Unternehmen aufzubauen, das von selbst läuft, ohne dass du es ständig beaufsichtigen musst.

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Our Book

We created our first book of the FounderBooks series, which deals with the journey from an idea to an MVP.

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Frederick Lüders, CEO Partizi

“Lasse sees the world in fascinatingly simple terms, really understanding what matters most & more importantly what doesnt!

Everything becomes so simple. Its almost shocking.”

Business Talk

Produkte nah am Kunden Entwickeln, NaT Initiative

Project Together, InnovatorsTalk

“Ich bin ziemlich geflasht wie kurz aber gross der input-impact war! Freue mich drauf es auf mein Vorhaben anzuwenden!”

Tech/Business Talk

EuroPython, Rimini

CEO, Millionways

“If we had learned all this ourselves, it would have taken us 4-6 months in the best case and it would have cost us a five-figure sum.”

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