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Your startup becomes reality. Now.

FounderBlocks is an accelerator program for digital business models.

How it works

We get you to market and beyond:

Scroll down to see how a Block based startup works.


1 Day | Execution Workshop

Make a Bulletproof Plan

You will be getting hands-on help from serial entrepreneurs, designers and developers to make the right decisions that help you avoid the pitfalls we already know from other startups.

This way, instead of planning wrong and investing 10000€+ into the wrong part of your idea, you get a bullet proof roadmap.


30 Days | Validation

Build Customer Waitlist

We help you to build and test your marketing funnel.

Most startups loose time by waiting with this after the product and also loose out on insights worth 10.000€+ for the actual product development.


30 Days | Financing

Get Financing (Optional)

If you don’t want to boostrap your startup, we will help you generate 10+ investor appointments within 30 days.

You will learn how to reach out efficiently and what to look out during a pitch.

Hint: Many of our startups don’t even need financing because our process is so slim! Challenge us, and we’ll find a way to bootstrap for your business model!


30 Days to 10 Weeks | Minimum Viable Product

Build the Product

We release multiple software products every month. Rely on:

  • Efficient no-code MVPs (quick and cheap) or full products (scalable and reliable)
  • Faster time to market than any individual or corporate team could
  • A battle proven tech stack for startups
  • Solutions for problems - before they happen



Monthly | Gain Customers, Scale & Grow

Get Customers

Instead of trying out random strategies, we help you based on our experience:

  • What marketing funnels will actually work for your startup
  • How you can get customers reproducibly
  • How to pick an agency/freelancer/employee to execute the strategy at scale

Say hello to:

Getting a kickass CTO who joins your pitches

Working with a “co founder” who is in it for the long game

A team of founders that will help you at the right time but not be on your payroll when you don’t need them

A team of designers & developers who will finally get your product live

A value focused attitude that helps you build an awesome startup, rather than empty valuation

Thousands of euros saved through FounderBlocks partnerships with Scaleway or Notion

How it works

Our Pricing

  1. We don’t make a profit to finance a pyramid - we pay all our employees equally. Our salaries are adjusted according to a city/county factor and according to social insurance status.
  2. We are making a living of getting founders to market.
  3. We invoice amounts far below the market prices we see and know for the results we get.
  4. We offer revenue share deals to help you when liquidity is a problem.

Our packages are made to be so affordable that most people can even bootstrap their startup, which they couldn’t if they had to hire a full team.

We consciously built our pricing such that we only get what we’re worth, if we help you reach your goals. We optimize for a long term collaboration.

Our Process

We love transpacency: we’ve listed our prices in clear, transparent terms, so that you can plan e.g. for your first financing round. The pricing indications below apply only for early stage startups since they are subsidized - please contact us if you are an innovation team.

Roadmapping Session

Actionable Roadmap

  • Avoid common pitfalls with serial entrepreneurs
  • A clear roadmap on how your startup can grow
  • 15 Minutes
Book FREE Session

No-Code MVP

Build the product

  • Go live with your product and get paying customers.
  • An app or webapp so you can serve customers.
  • 14-45 Days


Build the product

  • Go live with your product and get paying customers scalably.
  • A fully functioning app or webapp so you can scalably serve customers.
  • 30 Days to 10 Weeks

Run & Scale

Get customers

  • Gain product market fit and grow
  • More customers and a better conversion funnel with each customer feedback
  • Continuous

Monthly: 599+€

Too expensive?

We’ve partnered with companies like Scaleway, Notion and others so you can save thousands of Euros per month for your servers and other tools as well as do publications with some of our partners as a FounderBlocks startup.

We also know, that not every startup can afford a team of experts to support them right from the start. Thats why we’ve packed our knowledge and experience into the FounderBook.

Our Addons

The modules listed here are for startups and investors who want to profit from working with us outside or in addition to our accelerator program.

Pre Launch Testing

Acquire customers

  • Validate your product by winning customers
  • A website, fully managed concept and implementation of an ad channel, and a waitlist of enthusiastic customers
  • 60 days

Ad Budget + 4999€

Design (optional)

Design for full-code products

  • Design and specify your product so that it’s ready to go.
  • Clickable mockup, clear roadmap and reliable numbers for you and investors.
  • 2-4 Weeks


Public Funding

Getting you funded

  • Get funding for innovative business ideas
  • Research about elegible programs, preparation, application and pitching together
  • 4 Weeks



Speed up your startup

  • Save time and money through clear focus and reach your goals twice as fast
  • Individual coaching with seiral entrepreneurs in Tech, Sales, Marketing etc.
  • Continuous

Monthly: 299+€

Due Diligence

Evaluate codebase

  • Make sure your codebase is sound and you have clear next steps
  • Report and clear recommendations that will save you months of work
  • 2 Weeks



Take over exist. code

  • Gain speed back for your startup
  • Understanding of your own codebase, clear roadmap and numbers
  • 4 Weeks


We’ll Prove it to You!

Meet one of our founders - our promise: we will honestly find out how you can launch faster.

We will freely share our tips and tricks learned from working with 50+ startups to make sure you get a return on invest on this call - tenfold.

Success Stories

We launch 1-3 products per month

Partizi helps people to share streaming accounts.

quote symbol

A good cofounder would have been a lot more expensive - FounderBlocks is an external team without the shitty parts.

myndpaar helps people to improve their relationship.

quote symbol

FounderBlocks helped me to test my business model within several weeks a scalable way.

With Hofly, consumers get food from their regional farmer.

quote symbol

An own development Team would have probably cost me 10x the money

Flagstack is a worldwide Outdoor-GPS-Game

quote symbol

We are finally at a point where our crazy ideas can become reality by working as one team together with VIPERdev/FounderBlocks.

With Finplan, entrepreneurs create Financial Plans for Startups.

quote symbol

This whole idea I had a couple of weeks before suddenly was reality.

Taleegator enables managers to develop themselves.

quote symbol

With my own team, it would have taken me 3-6 times as long to develop.

ProjectForum Screenshot

ProjectForum is a marketplace for solar projects and investments.

quote symbol

The team has understood what we actually need and brought us to the market in a very short amount of time.

Karsten Kreissler

More than 50 Startups used our accelerator program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Core Team

These are the heroes of our startups - our constant core team. Ocasionally, we’ll pull in additional contractors and partners from our network to more effectively help you.

This means: every single person is hand picked - without exception! - and aided several startups on their way. We ourselves have made the experience that classical outsourcing doesn’t work - a simple “working off requirements by service providers” more often than not kills young companies.


Serial Entrepreneur
Save lots of €€€ with growth hacks


Make sure nobody works with us who can’t benefit hard


Chief Marketing Officer
Get your product in front of thousands of users


Your Cofounder
Get you funded and get you live


Serial Entrepreneur
Save lots of €€€ with growth hacks and network


Sales Coaching
Make sure you get paying customers ASAP


Your Cofounder
Get your startup to the next level


Your Cofounder
Get your brand heard


Cofounder & Designer
Make sure your app pulls in users instead of loosing them


UX Designer
Make sure your app pulls in users instead of loosing them


Frontend Developer
Build your (web)app


Chief Technology Officer
Ensure servers run smooth AND secure


Help with your marketing


Frontend Engineer
Build your (web)app


Frontend Engineer
Build your (web)app


Fullstack Developer
Build your (web)app


Fullstack Developer


A job unlike any other
Your unique skills rather than a generic job

Our Network

Our network covers dozens of international founders, further designers and developers as well as partners from marketing over sales to legal which specialized on startups. When needed, you will get free sessions with them so you can lift off fast without adding unneeded costs.

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