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The smaller your steps are, the faster you can fail or succeed.

We believe in small steps towards big visions which can go wrong individually. Because of that attitude, we make decisions fast and then succeed or fail faster than almost any other company we know.

Instead of just getting one try where we burn all our resources, we iterate our products together with our customers.

As a founder, think “times 1.2” - never settle with just “plus 2”.

Getting just that next customer, reaching just the next goal was and is never enough for us.

With every action we take, we need to make sure that we grow on it. Embrace everything that goes wrong and improve ourselves every day.

To get a taste of our full philosophy, check out this video:

Brand and Visuals

All logos are provided in SVGs (vector graphics).

You may find a founders headshot here.

Sample Projects

You can find samples of our work here.

Quick Facts

Description Fact
Founding Year June 2017
Headquarter Location Hamburg, Germany
Number of Countries with Coworkers 6
Products Throughput Per Month 2-5
Usual Time from Idea to Concept 1-3 Weeks
Usual Time from Concept to Product Release 6-12 Weeks
Startups cofounded via Next Day Ventures 3
Number of Coworkers 16-20


Event Date Description
June 2017 VIPERdev is founded as a general purpose agency, working mostly with independent contractors via the coala Open Source community.
2018 VIPERdev hires the first full time employees.
2019 VIPERdev ditches ‘usual’ projects without relation to innovation and startups.
March 2020 Next Day Ventures is founded!
March to July 2020 Next Day Ventures does the first three venture deals.
January 2022 VIPERdev launches FounderBlocks

Press Releases

Press Contacts

For interviews or other press related matters, please contact Ole Peterson (ole.peterson @