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From Idea to MVP - in this book, we're bundling all our knowledge about founding software startups without having a technical co-founder.

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ATTENTION: The FounderBook currently only exist in german language. Please contact if you are interested in an english version. Once there is enough interest, we will get a professional translation of our book done.

Do you have an idea for a software startup, but can’t code yourself?

Then you are like most non-technical startup founders we have worked with so far.

But you have an advantage: you hold a step-by-step guide in your hands here and can benefit from the experience of 50+ startup founders. You’ll learn to:

  • Find out if customers are actually willing to spend money on your idea (before you go “all-in” and spend money on tax accountants, limited liability company formations & developers).
  • How to develop an MVP as cheaply and quickly as possible and avoid the typical beginner’s mistakes (especially if you don’t know how to program yourself)
  • How to create substance for later investments (even without having a CTO or technical co-founder in the team)
  • How you can build a profitable software startup as a founder without programming experience.

Order on Amazon