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Unsere Stellenausschreibungen existieren nur auf Englisch, da wir nur Englische Bewerbungen akzeptieren.

If you’re interested in working at FounderBlocks, please apply here:

Our process now is as follows:

  1. We’d like to get to know you a bit more in person, to do that, you simply fill - do it whenever you feel like it and doing it from your phone will work just fine. This should also already shed some more light on us and our culture.
  2. We’ll check you out based on that and get back to you with…
  3. We’ll have a call where you can ask us anything you need to know
  4. There’s a small tech challenge (for tech positions) if we both want to proceed
  5. We’ll make the contract happen :)

Why FounderBlocks

Our Culture and Values

Ýou can browse our culture and values here. This data is raw data from surveys where everyone could take part. It has not been altered in any way.

We are NOT looking for

What actually counts

Open Jobs

We’re always looking for talented people. Feel free to send us your application, if there are no open positions matching your skillset.

We are looking for problem solvers, not for people with specific skills.

The jobs below are some samples. Honestly, if you’re interested, give it a shot. Again, we look for great people, not gears to fill slots.

Consultative Sales

Ideally founded one+ startup, speaking german
Anywhere in the world

Full Stack Developer

Have built web apps before and keen to learn more.
Anywhere in the world

Frontend Developer

Have built web apps before and keen to learn more.
20-40hrs/wk, contractor
Anywhere in the world


Project management, ideally founded one+ startup, speaking german
Ideally Germany